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October 18, 2014

Get Excited! The Fourth Annual Crystal Coast Con is starting to be planned for October 2014! This thrilling event will once again be hosted by Mac Daddy's Family Entertainment Center in Cape Carteret, NC. We are Eastern North Carolina's premier Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention.

The Sci-Fi, fantasy and gaming experience will be a one day wondrous event held in October 2014. Door prizes, fanboy flair, costume contests, very special sci-fi vendors and give-aways galore will prove a good time for all!

From celebrity guests, to great Sci-Fi food and drinks, to special secret side shows, the Crystal Coast Con is getting better every year, so the Fourth Annual Con should blow you out of your socks! You are NOT going to want to miss this.


**All special guests and times are subject to change without notice.**

This was such a fantastic Con and I was so humbled being here. Everyone was so kind and wonderful. And I can't thank the staff of Crystal Coast Con enough for being so great. Thank you for an amazing experience so close to home!

Today's Con was a dream come true! I got hugged and kissed by Camden Toy (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Adrian Paul (Love Potion #9 & Highlander the TV show) and Rick Mora (Twilight & Yellow Rock). Rick is such a great guy. He remembered me from last year, gave me free stuff and gave the official seal of approval for my next video for him! Camden and Adrian were really nice and funny. Oh and I got Savvy with Captain Jack Sparrow. Considering this whole year so far? BEST DAY EVER
Fragyl M.

It was my first visit to the Crystal Coast Con. I went to one in Wilmington months ago but it didn't hold a candle to this one. I've been a scifi fan my whole life. Particularly any and all things Star Trek. Meeting Marina Sirtis was amazing. She was exactly as I'd hoped. I was floating the rest of the day. Seeing all the creative costumes was very fun too. Oh, and one more thing, the waitstaff there were wonderful in that big crowd. We were a group of six seated near the bowling alley and Devon was just great to us. The whole staff seemed to be all smiles. It was a great experience.
Alex - New Bern, NC

Incredible Day! My kids and I connected, there was something for each of us. Fantastic Fun. The actors meet sessions was the best. Very cool and down to earth.
Thereze T. - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


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